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    Migrating QALoad from mahine to machine?

    I've been trying to find info on this. Since QALoad does not have a central database like the other Compuware products, I need to find a way for multiple machines to have access to the same scripts, timing files, and anything else that I am missing. Basically I need to know what all is independent of the program. I'm figuring I'll just have to save and store all those out to the network. Another question I just thought of, however...don't the scripts need to be on the local machine for Conductor to find them and list them when settingup a run?

    Thanks for any insight you guys may have,


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    Re: Migrating QALoad from mahine to machine?

    Hi Eric,

    You're correct, in order to run a test from the Conductor any datapools, binary files, compiled scripts, and source scripts will need to be in the appropriate folder within the QALoad installation directory on the Conductor machine. Additionally, the Workspace view in WorkBench is populated by captures, datapools, scripts, timing files, and replay logs found within the main QALoad installation directory structure on the WorkBench machine. There is no way to display files outside of the main QALoad installation directory structure in the Workspace view.

    There's not a clean way I know of to share out files. If you are using a single Conductor machine and single WorkBench machine, you could share out the folders on those machines over the network so other users could view the timing files, etc.



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