I'm sing QALoad 5.5, Oracle middleware and I have a problem: I have about 200 selects, updates etc. which I need to test, every select has some bind variable(s), so for every select I created local datapool for replace bind variables, now I have about 200 local datapools, I assigned every datapool to proper select, but when I tried to open datapool, error (not exact, I have not Internet in work and I forgot to save proper error text) invoked: "Wrong datapool ID opened" when I tried to open datapool > 64

I also find some "hint" in smacro.h (or cscript.h), that only 64 local datapools per script can be opened. Set constatant DP_MAX_FILES (or _MAX_DATAPOOLS) from smacro.h (cscript.h) to

#define DP_MAX_FILES 500

doesn't help

Is here some way how to open more then 64 datapools?