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    content check

    When I put the content check to the www_script and validate script with more than 1 transaction, I ALWAYS get an error (WWW_ERROR_003001)
    Validation with 1 transaction is successfully.
    Please, help.

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    Re: content check

    During WWW playback, a required content string was not found or a prohibited content string was detected.

    The WWW server had an error and returned an error page.
    The script is not correctly parameterized.
    The network may be overloaded with traffic and an incomplete page was returned.

    Check the server to see if any error have occurred on it. Checking the condition of a web server varies from server to server, please refer to your server's documentation.
    Either the content check or the data sent to the server with in Fill_In, Set CGI_PARAMETER, Set POST_DATA, or Set POST_FILE needs to be properly parameterized correctly.
    Check with the network administrator to see if the network has been overloaded during the performance test.

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    Re: content check

    Another cause is that you have created a Content Check that has specific data that works with the first transaction, but the second transaction contains different data that cannot be found in the content check as written.

    Note that you can parameterize a content check with dynamic test data. An easy way to check to see if the content check is not coded correctly is to simply re-record with data from the second transaction, and check to see what content is present.
    Bryan Cole
    Solutions Architect

    HP Software Solutions

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    Re: content check

    I have no network problem and my script is correctly parameterized. This error occurs at validation.
    I suppose, this problem is because of the macro DO_HttpCleanup(). Do you know what it exactly do ?


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    Re: content check

    Bryan, thanks for your response, but I only use "C script". If I comment (remove) the macro DO_HttpCleanup() from "C script", both transactions are succesfull !

    Where can I place macro DO_HttpCleanup() ??


    int rhobot_script(s_info)
    PLAYER_INFO *s_info;
    DO_InitHttp(s_info); // and all what is require [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

    best regards,

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    Re: content check

    In the HTTP Protocol Options, is the 'Persistent Connections during replay' checkbox checked ?

    If possible could you post the part of the script header (description) that goes like..

    /* Converted using the following options:
    * General:
    * Line Split : 80 characters



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