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    Error in Conductor

    Recently we have upgraded QALoad from 5.0 to 5.02. We are using QALoad for Oracle Applications.
    When i try to run scripts from Conductor, its giving message

    Do we need to change any settings?

    Can someone help me out of this?
    N.Vamsi Mohan

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    Re: Error in Conductor

    Did you call tech support?

    Do you have the right version of Java on your machine(s)? Do they all the players have the same version as the conductor?

    Did you recompile the scripts in the new version? Or simply try to run them again without a re-verification?

    These are but a few of many things to check.

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    Re: Error in Conductor

    If you're tryig to run your old .java script in 5.2 than I belive the issue is with DO_WebForms statement in the script which is no longer supported under 5.2. I am not 100% sure what you need to use instead. I'll try to doublecheck and post the answer for you. I would suggest re-convert your cap to the .cpp file and give it another shot.

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    Re: Error in Conductor

    Make sure you have SDK 1.4 installed on your computer from the QALoad CD. That should resolve your issue.



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