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    Compilation Errors when validating .vistree


    I am new to QA Load. Please guide me where I am doing wrong.

    I am recording an application which generates reports based the criteria made on frontend. These are Microstrategy reports.
    1. When trying to validate the script after recording, I am getting bunch of compilation errors as follows:
    C:\PROGRA~1\COMPUW~1\QALoad\MIDDLE~1\WWW\Scripts\& lt;name of report>.CPP(398) : error C2022: '126442' : too big for character

    2. But when I converted the .cap file to .c and validated, it is fine and also I am able to play with multiple VUsers.

    Why is this happening and whats the resolution? Try to use always the .c file????

    Thanks in Advance

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    Re: Compilation Errors when validating .vistree


    Here's the first URL a google search returned for the following string:

    error C2022 "too big for character"


    Compiler Error C2022
    Visual C++ Concepts: Building a C/C++ Program
    Compiler Error C2022

    Error Message
    'number' : too big for character

    The octal number following a backslash (\) in a character or string constant is too big to represent a character.

    In my limited experience (only with WWW middleware and a very little bit of Winsock) I have seen that turning off the Visual Navigator usually works better.

    What version of QA Load are you using?

    Are you using WWW middleware?

    What Microsoft compiler suite are you using?

    The answers to these questions might help someone who knows QA Load better than I to advise you more profienciently.


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    Re: Compilation Errors when validating .vistree


    I'm going to focus on only one of your followup questions.

    When you are using conductor, it is the *.dll file that you will be selecting, not *.c or any of the Visual Navigator source files. When you successfully compile the *.c script an associated *.dll file is created. That is the one that conductor uses.

    I think the rest of your questions can best be answered yourself by **carefully** reading the help file (you can get the associated pdf file from the Compuware Frontline web site) and looking at the conductor screens. These things are hard for me to describe. I think you should just experiment as much as possible.

    It helps if you have a hands-on mentor. My mentor learned it all the hard way :-) I got lucky, I was able to have hands-on help from my mentor. I also took the introductory QA Load course from Compuware.

    Another tip would be for you to have made a fresh posting of the questions which really were a seperate topic so that others could more effectively respond.

    Ken Wolcott

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    Re: Compilation Errors when validating .vistree

    Hi Ken,

    Thanks for the reply.
    I am using QA Load 5.2 and WWW Middleware. I am using Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0.

    So, it is better to turn off the Visual navigator and use the .c script in conductor.

    Also, can you please let me know regarding session duration. I couldn't find much help for these.
    Test Information:
    Session Duration, Enabling test recording

    Script Assignment:
    Transactions, Service level Threshold, Pacing,
    Timing Options, Data Thinning

    Machine Configuration:
    Max threads, Max Processes, Performance data ( enable performance data for this player? "Checked"-- We really need to gather performance data so, why is this again?)

    Machine assignment:
    Can we select either .c file or .vistree file?
    What does Time Intervel mean?
    What if starting Vusers is not same as Ending Vusers?
    How is session duration and time interval go by?
    What is the different in Thread/Process?

    Options: Player:

    Thanks a lot,

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    Re: Compilation Errors when validating .vistree

    Hi SQA Analyst,

    I have put together a quiz that addresses all the points above and much more. Send me an email at tusharpandya@yahoo.com so I get your email address and send the doc to you.

    Tushar Pandya
    Tushar Pandya
    Arch enemy of poor performance

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    Re: Compilation Errors when validating .vistree

    Thanks everybody, Actually there was a issue with QA Load itself. They sent me SP6 and now my problem is solved.



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