Hello All,

I am currently working on an application which makes WebServices calls (SOAP-XML) through an excel add-in. The App server is WebSphere and the DB is Oracle Express (Multi-dimensional database).

Recorded a script using WinSock protocol of QAload and the capture file was showing as "wsasend"/"wsarecieve" which basically meant the client is using Socket calls which are asynchronous and this was confirmed from the dev team as well.

We logged a request with Compuware support and they were very helpful in this regard but they mentioned that if the client uses Socket calls which are asynchronous, then QALoad will fail to replay the script or even work at all.

I also found that LoadRunner (market leader in LoadTesting tools) does not also provide support in such cases.

My question:
What is the criteria if an application uses Asynchronous calls and why WinSock protocol does not help in this case?
Using WinSock, ultimately what matters is the Expect-Send-Receive buffers once it has established a Socket connection.

Sorry for the long post..