I am using winsock session to execute the test. We have generated lot of scripts to execute. But our client requirement is instead of selecting the each and every script and specifying the VUs in the conductor, they asked to create one driver script which includes all the scripts and so that we can select the driver script and execute. But the driver script is written with swich case statement. So if i execute with 1 user, it will pick up the first case selection, 2 users means, it will pick up first 2 cases. If that is the case, when i ramp up with 1 to 10 means, it is executing first 10 selections. In a similar way when i ramp up with 1 to 9 with an increment of 2 means, i feel that it should pick up the selection of 1, 3, 5, 7 and 9. But it is not doing so. It is picking up from 1 to 9 only. Can anyone explain me how to give Virtual users when we use the driver script with switch case selection.