I have captured a script with the option to automatically handle sub gets and cache is disabled. My application has a .js file which in turn calls 4 other .js files dynamically during runtime. What happens is that the 4 dynamically called .js files r not loaded coz i find that a extra \ is added to the end of the pathname, for example ..\calander.js\. so what happens here is the since the extra \ is added to the actually pathname, .js files is not loaded and so i get 404 error. But i don't a problem when i do the same transaction manually in the IE. I also find that if the same .js file loads properly if called from some other location. I also checked the pathname mentioned in the .js that calls these 4 .js files. So can someone tell me how QALoad builds this path name when the option is set to handle the sub_gets automatically.

Thanx in advance.