Can someone give me the solution to this peculiar problem.
I am reading certain value from Datapool file and assigning it to the variable in script.
Now i have to assign this value to Anchor variable and post the request. Code snippet is as


sprintf(&pub_name_1[j], "%s", GET_DATA_FIELD(BROWSE_PUBLICATION_CONTENT, 1));

DO_GetAnchorHREF( &pub_name_1[j], &Anchor[1]);

Here the value is read properly in the
&pub_name_1[j] varaible , but script fails at Do_GetAnchorHREF generating the log :

In DO_GetAnchorHREF() - Anchor: AP Spanish Online not in HTML document

Actually in the source this is text which is under <a> <img src="/libweb/elib/images/tree_closed.gif" border="0">
AP Spanish Online</a> tag and this the value(AP Spanish Online) which is read from datapool.

Thanx in advance,