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    dynamic variables

    Hi ,
    I work on loadrunner and recently tried an evaluation copy of QAload ....
    Can anybody come out with the process used in QAload for capturing dynamic variables
    like a primary key value.



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    Re: dynamic variables

    I suggest you to follow the steps below for this.
    1.Before converting the script go to
    options->www->convert tab.
    Check the check Box against Active Data.

    2.Now Convert the script

    3.Find the value in ""(primary key or unique value).Block that value ,
    right click ->Active Data-> Substitute.

    4.you will get Active Data Substitution Dialog Box.Click on Add.

    5.Datapool Dialog box appears.

    6.You can choose to give Local or Central type(For Simplicity choose Central)

    7.Click Ok

    8.Click Ok.
    Your script will have the required function included.

    This part is for the script.

    When you start the conductor in the "Script Assignment Tab".
    Click on the External Data column and choose the data file(somename.dat) having a list of primary values.
    This will work as u wish.For more clarifications contact me at sezhian@rediffmail.com

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    Re: dynamic variables

    I think Bhartendu wants to capture variables like session ID, and stuff like that that get assigned at run time. I use the function DO_GetUniqueString for this purpose. This is what you have to do. Declare a pointer to a string variable, say p. Go to that part of the script where the variable is assigned and insert p = DO_GetUniquestring("SID=", "\r\n"); where the text in first quotes is what is on the left of the dynamic variable and the text in second quotes indicating on the right of it. For verification you could use the function RR__printf as RR__printf("SID : %s", p);
    on validation you will see the variable show up in the trace.

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