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Thread: IPSpoofing

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    I want to generate separate IP Address for each Virtual Users.I found an option called IPSpoofenable() in QALoad.
    I tried in various ways ,but ....

    Steps i followed:

    1.I enabled the ipspoofing checkbox found In ScriptDevelpment Workbench->Option ->Convert->WWW/SSL->Advanced->IpSpoofing

    2.Then i captured a script
    3.I found these lines in the converted script
    DO_IPSpoofEnable( "" );
    4.I have created a datapool called ipspoof.dat in the path Compuware\\QALoad\\
    Which contains pool of IP Address

    5. Script compiled successfully and i ran the script .The script fails ,following is the log message

    In ConnectToServer - IPSpoofing unable to bind Error = 10049


    1.My System is configured with Static IP
    2.In Network TCP/IP ->Routing Tab , Enable IP Forwarding checkbox is enabled
    3. Datapool values,


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    Re: IPSpoofing

    If QALoad is like many of the other Load Generation tools you will need to have those IPs assigned and configured to your machine. You will have to bind them both to your NIC. If you don't know how to do this I suggest you get in touch with your Network Admin and get assistance.

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    Re: IPSpoofing

    Hi Scott,

    Iam facing the same issue with IPSpoofing.
    Can multiple IP addresses be bound to one NIC or is it essential to have multiple NICs configured on the Player machine?


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    Re: IPSpoofing

    Hi. I am using WinXP so I am not positive if this will apply to Win2K, but I think that it will.

    Yes, you can bind multiple IPs to one NIC.

    If you go into Network Connections and select your local area connection. Look a the properties and then look at the properties of Internet Protocol (TCP/IP). Once you are in here look in the General Tab and click on Advanced.

    Now, for this to work you need to have a static IP address. If you have DHCP enabled then this won't work. Anyway, in the IP Settings tab you are going to see a way to add IP addresses. This is were you need to do it. Add all the IP addresses you need here. Then you will be able to use the IPSpoofing.

    I hope this helped.

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