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    Getting response log

    Hi all!

    Perhaps you can help a little, i have no idea about how to continue.

    In my capture file i have this (from CPTux):

    Do_Tuxtpalloc( Buf2, "FML32", 1 );
    Do_TuxFinit( Buf1 );
    Do_TuxFMLData( 167779162, 0, "d5" );
    Do_TuxFMLData( 167779163, 0, "02" );
    Do_TuxFMLData( 167849665, 0, "627321131" );
    Do_TuxFMLData( 167849668, 0, "EUR" );
    Do_Tuxtpcall( "MD_QSI_ENT", Buf1, Buf2, 0 );

    Now, i'd like to debug de response to the service, in Buf2.
    I've tried Fprint32, CFget32... but i always get an error. All i want to know is if the response is an error or not.

    QAload version: 4.80

    Any help please?

    Thank you a lot!

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    Re: Getting response log

    Have you tried contacting the QALoad Technical Support? They are extremely capable and easy to work with.

    Product Support Hotline:
    (800) 538-7822 US
    +44 1753 774 000 UK

    Or you can go to http://frontline.compuware.com




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