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    Micro Focus Product Road Map Webinar summary

    I spent an hour this afternoon sitting through a LiveMeeting on the product direction of MicroFocus. These are my notes, they are unoffical and I Am Not A Journalist. Still, there may be some value to you, so you are welcome to it. Please comment and add your impressions if you heard it.

    I missed the first two minutes, heard the end of some description of a large effort in comparing the Compuware and Silk product lines to decide what a good path is.

    First is Stuart McGill, CTO of Micro Focus

    He Wants our feedback. Welcome customers.

    Totally committed to supporting existing products.

    Micro Focus has a product roadmap for every "core product".

    Intend to extend support indefinitely. Says this implies bugfixes and enhancements.

    Want to help you upgrade, adding value to get upgrades.

    Committed to "significantly enhancing products across Testing, Test, and Quality Management".

    Will use the Silk name for all product lines.

    Plan to deliver new features every year.

    ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) products will use Caliber and Starteam brand names. Will integrate MicroFocus to ALM strategy. Will focus deliverables around Agile methods, Agile Project Management will be the first new product in this area.

    Next is Dave Walker, the product manager for Requirements Definition and Management.

    They've inherited products from Compuware and Borland.

    Will not leave customers behind.

    Going to make a very integratable product. Trying to smooth the transition from defining requirements to manage requirements.

    Trying to make it easier to use by providing visualization to make it more intuitive.

    Tighter integration between requirements management and test management. Seen as a converged program, while the programs will be separate.

    TeamDefine is a "technology framework" for requirements definition and management. CaliberRM will be integrated/replicated in. Optimal Trace will be another potential technical migration path. Expecting this by late 2011, 4 convergence releases predicted by then.

    Optimal Trace will have a performance release in 1Q 2010 (5.4). Focus after that will be to maintain in Windows 7 and future platforms. Migration capability is expected in 2011.

    Predicted quarterly releases for the next couple of years.

    Next release, Some promises for functionality in attaching data to requirements (bullet points, tables, etc), and adding tagging. Also adding an API to TeamDefine.

    Release after that (Q2?) is focused on Testing. Mentioned integration with Silk Central Test Manager

    Release after that is process insight. Promises to help design test cases by monitoring server applications, helping QA see how the application will be used.

    After that, something called "Complex RM". This leads into Migration in late 2011. Cloud delivery is mentioned.

    Next is (didn't catch the name), VP Product Marketing for Testing and ASQ, from Troy, MI.

    Blending SilkPerformer and QALoad into a new product using SilkPerformer name.

    They like the load testing process and text execution of Silk, modelling workloads, ramp up and down, reporting, and agile performance testing.

    Says that Silk can be integrated into a continuous feedback plan.

    QALoad has visual scripting capability and the feature to export to Word.

    There will be more Virtual User capabilities.

    QA Load will have quarterly releases through end of year 2012, etc, but transition should be available by later 2010.

    QALoad should be available for "many years". Now here are all the cool things that Silk is getting.

    Silk Performer is going to add more features in interactive web applications. Browser based load testing (rich app support, etc). Says that this will change the model of playing back scripts.

    Cloud support will be added, allowing virtual users to be run from the cloud.

    In 2010 R2, visual presentation support "like QA Load", transition of QALoad to Silk becomes possible.

    Advice is to continue to use QALoad for performance testing, but become familiar with SilkPerformer. Wait for transtion plan, then work with representative.

    Promise is made that the licenses you have for QALoad will translate to the blended program.

    For Test Automation, want to blend SilkTest/Silk4K with TestPartner.

    Silk has extensible architecture, java support, Eclipse integration, etc.

    QAPartner has visual interface.

    A new scripting language will be created. Because of the end of life of VBA, they need to do this.

    The SilkTest name will be used.

    For test automation, it is promised to have support with quarterly releases through the end of 2012. Blended product should be available in late 2010.

    Features: Java, Flex 4, JavaAWT Swing, Micro Focus Rumba, new scripting language 2010 R2 of blended product has transition from VBA in TestPartner, 4Test transition, and a request for feedback for what other features are needed.

    Invited to stay on TestPartner for now.

    Guidance is to keep using TestPartner

    Get familiar with R1 release of blended product, will be very much like Silk.

    When R2 release is available, be ready to transtition.

    Test Managment will blend, too.

    SilkCentral Test Manager is open, customizable, support for Agile and Traditional processes.

    QADirector has Risk-based testing and TestPartner integration.

    New blended product adds requirements-driven testing capabilities.

    Name will be SilkCentral Test Manager.

    Roadmap is QADirector supported though at least three years (2012).

    Silk Central Test Manager will have a 2009 R2 release with Jira support, TestPartner integration.

    Blended product in Q2 2010, should be ready for QADirector transition. Will do better requirements, versioning and reuse of test assets

    QADirector, CARS, and QM Customers should continue to use QADirector.

    R1 of blended product will have migration path. Talk with your rep. Seems to be positioned as less comparable, "learn benefits from your representative" kind of stuff.

    Consider pilot of SilkCentral Test Manager licenses.

    DevPartner is strategic, will have future investment, will be on SupportLine. Watch for updates.

    TrackRecord has a great user base, support has been extended indefinitely. Watch for a product roadmap on this.

    "Stabilized Products" (supported until the end of 2010) include Reconcile and QARun. "We'd love to work with you to find a more advanced requirements system".

    QARun should be moved to TestPartner, or leapfrog to blended product (SilkTest)

    Then a strategic talk about Micro Focus. They have Application Portfolio Management, which should be integrated with the Borland ALM stuff.

    Micro Focus has been around 30 years, and has been branching into Application Modernization over the last five years. This is about moving to different platforms.

    Application Migration lowers costs by moving dev/testing/operations to distributed platforms.

    Now questions.

    How do I engage with Micro Focus?

    Go to support area of microfocus.com, register, can get to roadmaps, release schedules, contact us, etc.
    briefings@microfocus.com can get you more product info.

    Will I be able to move my current licenses to the blended products?

    Absolutely. There will be a migration program with "appropriate" credit for licenses and maintenance.

    What are the intentions around customer advisory board, councils, etc?

    Intention is to get together a program that will talk with accounts, marketing, etc, to get feedback for product roadmaps.

    Introducing a more formal Beta program.

    Can't address every customer request, but they believe in customer-focused R&D.

    Call was closed.
    Eric Proegler
    Performance Lead
    Hyland Software

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    Re: Micro Focus Product Road Map Webinar summary


    Thanks a lot for your post and helps a lot, what to choose and how to go about in the future.

    Thanks again,



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