Hi all, I'm on an engagement that requires me to measure the performance of a server when certain functionality happens. Let me explain. There is software running on this server that takes faxes, reads each .tiff/image invoice, and adds the data to an Oracle database. When each fax is scanned the applcation dumps these files into a folder where it copies information from the fax and adds it to tables. I was wanting to dump 1/2 million copies into this folder and measure how fast the app can consume them from the beginning of its process to the database lookup and such. I might be able to get my hands on this many faxes but if not I was going to use a batch file to make that many files and xcopy them into the folder. Can these commands be inserted into QALoad so that the making of files and copying them into the folder can be done automatically? I was going to add some monitors to the server whike this code is running? Does anyone have any ideas about how to get this done other than mine? Can QALoad even do such? Any monitor choices you might use? I would be incredibly grateful for any kind of information.