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    What to instal in server and client


    We are planning to do performance testing on our app.We have 2 web server and a load balancer.DO i need to install QA load in the server or just install it in the client script it and run it from there.

    Thanks so much for everyone help.


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    Re: What to instal in server and client

    No need to install in it in the server just script it in client and in the monitoring set up give the ip address.

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    Re: What to instal in server and client


    It is not required to install QA Load on your servers.
    If We want we can moniter the servers by entering the ip address in conductor session.

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    Re: What to instal in server and client

    Hi there,

    You dont need to install Qaload on the servers or on the load balancer. When you use QaLoad, you can monitor the servers using monitoring agent. You develop your script on the workbench on your machine. Then prepare a session in the conductor. Conductor will use players to put the load on your servers.

    For the server measurement, you can use any monitoring tool ..which can be easily installed on your servers like nmon..

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    Re: What to instal in server and client

    I just had this same question - and sometimes answers aren't black & white... Agreed: you don't need to install anything on the server.

    To get metrics from the server, though, you will need to set up a monitoring task of the type "Windows Registry". You will need to specify the IP address(es) of the server(s) that you want to be monitored and set up Windows Registry monitoring tasks for each server. From there, you specify which metrics you would like returned from the server.



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