Hi All,

I am new to QA Load and need your help in understanding a memory leak pattern when our dotnet application(installed on win2k3 sp2) is tested with QA Load5.02 (SP 9) .

50 CONCURRENT users perform the following repeatedly for 72(untill IIS process w3wp reaches 1.5gb and restarts that happens in around 22 hours)
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i have generated the scriptscrip using workbench and have not meddled with it except for adding a datapool to enter usernames and passwords. The dotnet application has been debugged by using dotnet Memory Profiler and it doesnt show any leak. As i am new to QA Load i am not sure what to suspect and where to start the investigation.Can QA Load cause this leak?

Any help is desperately needed and appreciated.

Siddiq Koona,
Senior software Engineer,
Business Objects, an SAP company.