We are using QALoad 5.6 Version build 161 and WWW middleware.
We have conductor installed on the machine which has configuration:2 CPUs of 1.86 GHz each and 3.75 GB RAM.

We have 3 player machines with configuration: 2 CPUs of 1.86GHz(each CPU) and 3.75 GB RAM (each player machine has this configuration).

We are executing 17 Scripts with 120 Users and 10 Iterations. We are using Local Datapool (Previously we used central datapool and it took long time than normal.so changed to local datapool).

The problem is: while executing the test, two player machines are running and third palyer machine was idle and did nothing. After first 2 player machines finished its work and users logout then 3 player machine started running and finished its job. because of this total test duration took double than the normal.

Could you please tell me why 3rd machine player was idle when two other players was running. did any one of you face this type of problem.Please provide me why the player machines are behaving like that.