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    QADirector Manual Test script

    Can anyone give me an example how to use Manual test script
    I read the help guide of QAdirector but still can not get
    it idea of how you use it

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    Re: QADirector Manual Test script

    Have you asked Compuware for help? I had a visit from a very helpful person who showed me how to use QADirector. [img]/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: QADirector Manual Test script

    I know how to create Manaul test Script but how u use it
    Myrtle can you explain me how ?

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    Re: QADirector Manual Test script

    This appears to be an old post, but if you have not received an answer yet I have a quick one.

    If you haven't created a Suite yet, you should do so. Then, create an organizational outline for your testing. You should have at least two levels in a Suite... Test Class and Test Procedure. After you have written scripts, add them from your Test Library into a Test Procedure. This can be done by click-and-drag from Test Library to Suite.

    After placing scripts inside Procedures, you can then right-click a Procedure (or whole Class) and select "Run." From here, you may schedule a Job to run the manual test script. When the job runs on a machine, the user then enters Pass/Fail for each step of the script.

    Hope this helps, if you haven't figured it out already.



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