We use QA Centre enterprise edition tool for testing.I am trying to have a central repository for entire Test artifacts and also integrate all these artifacts .I want to know if it is possible to upload all the req.specs into Reconcile along with Use cases associate them with Test cases(in excel) by giving Id's. Then I want to use QA director to have test plans(brief descriptions) and associate these to test cases.Is all this possible? Or is it that I can upload only one of these docs(Req.specs or Use cases or Test Case).

I want to do this as I want to have a flow from Req.specs to defects(in track record).I want to have association so that I can know when changes are done to any artifact the associated doc's show flags.Is the whole process tedious or is it achievable??? The project is very big and involves lots of doc's. Changes are being done constantly to design etc.,. Most of the Use cases are written,I have started writing Test cases based on them.