Hi colleagues

I have two Suites, one Suite the so called Masters Suite (executed on my real Test PC), executes some jobs(classes, identified through ids) from the Slave Suite(executed on the Virtual Test PC (VMWare).

First Problem:
Both Suites are very large they contain about 7200 Procedures attached with different Scripts, now I like to copy a Class with 500 Procedures to configure a new test.
Copying this class takes a lot of time up to 15 or more Minutes, why? Is there any way to reduce this time?

Second Problem:
As already said the Master Suite executes some classes of the Slave Suite, for every job executed an entry is available in QADirector.
Because this execution is repeated a lot of times, a lot of entries are now available in qadirector, and the more it grows the slower the execution of the Master Suite becomes.
To solve this problem I have to delete all this performed jobs and empty the trash in qadirector.
Does anyone has an idea why this behaves like this? Is there a possibility to disable the logging feature of qadirector?

Best Regards