I posted the same topic in the TestPartner forum, but thought that it should be here also:

We are currently evaluating TestPartner. One of our concerns is organization. There seems to be two levels of organization within TestPartner.

1. Databases
2. Projects

The limitations are:

1. You can not share items (scripts, objects, checks, etc.) between databases.
2. There is not an option for multi-tier project structure.

It has been suggested that we use QADirector for our organization, but this is also very limited in levels that can be attained.

We have multiple applications that we are interested in testing, all of which are large and complicated applications. For example to setup our program we have 17 setup headings. Within each heading there could be multiple tiers of options. There might be 100 scripts for each of the headings. That is 1700 scripts just for setup.

Is there anyone that can give a short overview of how they are handing organization within TestPartner/QA Director.