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    qc_exec event_rendezvous question

    Has anyone ever used "qc_exec event_rendezvous [-timeout timeout] name count"?

    I'd like to use it for multi-users testing by embedding it in my Silk scripts to sync up all machines to do different operations (accessing the same data file) simultaneously. But it does not seem to work properly.

    By calling "qc_exec event_rendezvous -timeout 30 test1 1"

    the above worked fine when running on one machine (since count=1, there's no wait before the next step is executed)

    but when I tried two machines calling "qc_exec event_rendezvous -timeout 30 test1 2"

    both machines waited until timed out (30 sec) then executed the next step.

    I guess there must be a central repository (file or DB, anyone know where it is?) to store the name, timeout, count information but it does not seem to be transparent to each machine that's why the second scenario waited till timeout.

    Any feedback on this subject is greatly appreciated.

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    Re: qc_exec event_rendezvous question

    You need to have the other procedures call the same event_rendezvous event name in order for it to work.




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