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    QA Track Record Problems

    My questions are:
    1) WHERE, WHEN and HOW does the trackrecord db get backed up ?
    2) how do we recover the trackrecord db if necessary ?
    3) how do you test new changes to the tracrecord db without impacting your 'production' trackrecord system. and ... can you test them in a copy (or 'test' version) of the db first ?


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    Re: QA Track Record Problems

    I know this is an old post, but I am a new user to Track Record and you raised some good questions, did you get answers to these questions?


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    Re: QA Track Record Problems

    Trackrecord uses a proprietary database server called Faircom. The database actually is composed of multiple files in a directory, ala the days of DB2 and FoxPro.

    Backups are the responsibility of the person who owns the Faircom server. There is no automatic backup facility that I am aware of. However, backup is easy enough - copy all of the files in the directory into a safe place.

    To test changes to a database, simply go to the \trackrecord\database directory and copy the entire directory that is the name of your database to test into a new directory. The new directory is the name of your test database. Log into Trackrecord using the new test database and have at it. When you are done testing, simply delete the test directory to delete the entire test database.

    Hope this helps.

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    Re: QA Track Record Problems

    If you are using TrackRecord 6.2.1 there is a database maintenance utility that can help automate some of the backup/check database routines that should be run regularly. Being filebased, the most important backup that you can run is a nightly backup of the TrackRecord database files and the DBMaint program can help you schedule copies of those to a suitable location for backup.

    You should also check out the documentation bookshelf and look at the Administrators Guide PDF book - this has a best practices guide on when/where/what.

    Hope this helps,



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