Is anyone currently using Micro Focus QA Director integrated with Compuware File-Aid? If so, could you explain what versions/releases you are using of the products? Currently, we are using File-Aid 4.1 and QA Director 6.01. Support for 4.1 is ending for File Aid and they would like us to upgrade to 4.3. However, Micro Focus has only certified QA Director to integrate with 4.1 and 4.2.

Just wondering if anyone else has this configuration and has run into this dilemma.

We could upgrade to 4.2 and be fine, but that will only buy us time with one release until Compuware ends support for 4.2. Information that I have received from Micro Focus seems to state they are abandoning development for QA Director in favor of SilkCentral, and thus they won't be integrating with any future File-Aid releases.