I'm not a big fan of QA Director. Probably mostly because a lot of it I don't understand the reason why they organized it the way they did.

So far I have two different projects in QA Directory. Each tested a different aspect of our program (one is through Unix, the other is through IE8. Not something you put in the same project folder).

My problem is I would like to get BOTH of these to be tested. Meaning Run the Unix tests, after that finishes then run IE8 Tests. This means I need to ability to test TWO projects. I tried this last night by scheduling the first project to start running in 5 mins. Then I opened up the second project and told it run right now. I was hoping QA Director was smart enough to have the scheduled test Wait until after the current test is done.

But as far as I can tell from my results the scheduled test never ran, just the one that I started.

Is there a way to do this? I assume I can do this by creating a new Project, but I find that kind of dumb. Just wondering if QA Director has the power I hope it does?