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    Message: \"Waiting for Machine\" Job will not run.

    I submitted a job to run scheduled <Now>.
    However, when i view my job in Job Information Center in QADirector my job is displaying a "waiting for machine" message in the Schedule tab.

    The job never moves to the Execution tab queue. The job just sits in the Scheduled tab queue.

    The machine name in the message is the machine that the job was submitted on. I can not figure out what could be holding it up from running.

    What could be the causes of this behavior and message? [img]/images/graemlins/confused.gif[/img]
    South Side Sully

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    Re: Message: \"Waiting for Machine\" Job will not run.

    It seems that we have found the solution to this problem.

    It seems that we had too many test execution servers running.

    Once we shut some TE's down our job was able to run.
    South Side Sully

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    Re: Message: \"Waiting for Machine\" Job will not run.

    I've encountered this issue many times. In my occurrences, I had to re-start the TE agent. It seems to get into a non-responsive state every now and then. And if it's not the TE, then the TM server will sometimes become unresponsive and need a kick.

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    Re: Message: \"Waiting for Machine\" Job will not run.

    I'm encountering the same problem whit QADir 5.3.1 and I haven't found the solution, neither restarting both TE and TM. We have a lot of licenses (more than 20) and a few systems active (2 or 3 today), so it couldn't be possible that too much TE servers are active. What I can do?!? [img]/images/graemlins/confused.gif[/img]

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    Re: Message: \"Waiting for Machine\" Job will not run.

    I'm having the same problem but with QAD 6.0.522

    It could be I don't have something set up correctly in this new QAD. I run my Execution plan for a set of Test scripts, it runs as expected. Then I try to run another set and it just sits there.

    I had turned off some services on my computer, thought that might be the problem, but turning them all back on didn't fix it.
    The only place I can see if its running is in the Results section and it says its running. I can Abort the Job here also. Any idea what is causing this problem?

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    Re: Message: \"Waiting for Machine\" Job will not run.

    The problem is still happening. I wonder if its a port conflict somewhere. At first I wondered if it was my Trillian chat running, because before when it would not run, it seemed like somebody had sent me a message.
    I don't think this is the case anymore, because I close down Trillian and it still happens.

    I hadn't run QA Director for a couple of days. I was going to let it run during lunch, but had the same problems. I would turn on Test Execution Agent. Start up QA Director. For some reason I couldn't see the computer in the list to select from. I then would have to close TE and start it back up. I would then see my computer. Submit the tests to run, but it would just sit there. I would refresh my results and not long after it would say its done. when I try to run the test again, again QA Director can't find my Test Agent. Right now My Computer is the only one that even has the Test Execution agent even running. But something keeps taking that port that the TE wants to use, QA Director has no place to send the test to? Any idea?

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    Re: Message: \"Waiting for Machine\" Job will not run.

    I ended up doing a support call with Micro Focus about this issue. After some basic debugging we figured out that for what ever reason the server sees my IP address differently. When I ping it, it comes back and some different IP address. Its strange, so we added my Computer name and IP to the host file on the server, and did the same thing from my machine to the server.
    This seems to have fixed most of my problems. (It does still happen, but a quick reboot fixes it).



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