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    deploying QA Director globally

    Say there is Company ABC with offices in Pyongyang, New York and London. A WAN exists so the New York team can access the folder with all the Test data which is in London and can connect to Test Partner database in London.

    Can QA Director be set up in New York so that it can execute suites in London across the WAN?

    So a user can in New York can start up QA Director and select a machine in London. Click Run and have it execute on the London machine.

    Any opinions/suggestions welcome.

    We are trying this and will finish soon - just wanted to find out if anyone has done something similar.

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    Re: deploying QA Director globally

    for the benefit of all, I have now set this up.

    QA Director works across WANs.

    No special requirements are necessary.

    Works best with client/server set up.



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