Welcome all quality professionals to the DevPartner forum on SQAForums.com. Hopefully you have used or seen DevPartner in action for error trapping, memory leak and overrun detection, bottleneck isolation, finding untested code, and static code bug pattern review. DevPartner as a product family lives on as the NuMega to Compuware to Micro Focus evolution continues. For those of you that may recall using BoundsChecker, TrueTime, or TrueCoverage in the past, those tools remain alive and ready for action, compatible with most current Microsoft and Java platform and application environments. Primary features of the current DevPartner suites include code coverage analysis, performance analysis, memory analysis, memory leak and corruption detection, API error analysis, static code review, static code metrics, and system configuration comparison. Nearly all bug hunting tools can be used inside and outside of developer IDEs, plus all have command line operating modes for scripted automation underneath test runners and build scripts.

The point of this posting is not a sales pitch. Rather, it is a general reminder that the DevPartner family of tools lives on under Micro Focus stewardship. Current versions sold by Micro Focus include DevPartner Studio (for VC++ and .NET), DevPartner VC++ Edition/BoundsChecker Suite (for VC++), BoundsChecker (for VC++), and DevPartner Java Edition (for Java). The aim of my developer teamís and my participation in this forum is to help inform and educate the SQA community on current DevPartner usage. We hope to foster active dialog among DevPartner users, alongside sibling Micro Focus products like Silk Test, Silk Performer, and Test Partner that already have active SQA forums. Judging by DevPartner comments in other forums, there yet may be unanswered questions or items needing clarification, some dating back several years. Our hope is to make sure answers reflect the current state of the universe, and that we can share some expertise overall on the art of profiling applications and rooting out bugs.

Matt Schuetze, Product and Development Manager, DevPartner