Hi All.

I am thinking about the best way to simulate communications failures
in my testing of a Java Client/Server application.
I think I have a good idea, maybe someone has a better one.

I have found that in Windows NT, I can simulate a communications failure for
the Java client by changing the computer's TCP/IP address to garbage
in the Network control panel under "TCP/IP Properties".
In my manual trials, it seems that the "break" takes immediate effect, does
not require a reboot and can be "fixed" by restoring the IP address.

What is really cool -- is that since I am driving my remote Agents though
the NetBIOS interface, rather than TCP/IP -- SilkTest would retain control
of the both the Client and Server through the entire communications

My main concern is that this software induced breakdown is probably not as
thorough a test as an actual hardware disconnect.
I would probably want to supplement this test with some manual testing.

Does anyone have any real experience in this area ?