The web application I am testing has input buttons using the following format:
<input type=image src="ssmimages.cgi/buttons/assign_items.gif"
width="150" height="25" align="bottom" border="0"
name="Assign Items" alt="Assign Items">

What is the proper way to access this type of button?
When I try recording a script to select one of these type buttons I get code like this.
BrowserPage.HtmlImage("#13").Click () or
BrowserPage.HtmlImage("List of Pages[1]").Click ()

The problem comes when I play back the script the # or index may have changed to a different value so the wrong button gets clicked. Is there a way to use the src, name, or alt text from the html code above in place of the # or index?
I am using Silk and Netscape 4.06.