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    Silk misses some ActiveX controls, sees others

    Hi there - I'm using Silktest to test an application written in VB and C++. The app has several custom controls that are simply collections of standard VB controls.

    I have all extensions enabled for my application on both the Agent and on my development box.

    We have several cases where when we record the window declarations (or when we press <Ctrl><Alt> while recording to view control properties), we see everything about one control, say a VBLabel, exposed, but the label just above it is as if it's not there.

    In the particular case I'm examining now, there's a panel called "Finalize." When I click on the "Tip" field within the Finalize panel I see a bunch of label specific properties, I can get what I need easily there,it's beautiful. However, there's a field just above called "Amount," and when I mouse over that field my Window tag simply says "Finalize."

    The "Amount" field is NOT editable, while the "Tip" field is. I would like to check the value contained in the "Amount" field.

    I am looking at the source code in VB for these controls and there is nothing strange about the way they're declared - I am so stumped!

    Any ideas?


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    Re: Silk misses some ActiveX controls, sees others

    Assuming from your post that the 'Amount' and 'Tip' controls are all wrapped in a custom control, check that the despatch map for the custom control exposes the methods/properties for all constituent controls (so that ST can interact with them).

    We've had issues in past with activex custom controls which were easily sorted once the developers exposed the methods/properties that we needed.


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    Re: Silk misses some ActiveX controls, sees others

    Thanks for the response - I suspected as much. The container control itself is written in VB as well, and as much as I look at the source, I can't find any suspicious private or enabled=false tags.

    I am not, however, a VB expert by any stretch - I'll ask our VB developer guru if there is some way to expose objects that aren't exposed.

    I have a feeling it's going to be something like "If there are no externally callable methods to do with the control, the control isn't considered 'dispached.'" That could be a little hairy, but we'll cope.

    I am both sad and glad to know that I wasn't missing something obvious and simple, like the extension enabler.




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