Hello All,

My scripts have been suffering from a substantial performance problem after a recent migration to Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0 (our product is a C++ application). I am looking at the msvc 6.0 upgrade as a potential offender simply becuase from my results archives I see that the issue cropped up on the first build after the upgrade.

Platform is WinNT 4.0 333MHz 128MB, using QAP 4.51 and the situation is that QAP will sit idle for upwards to two minutes at each TypeKeys call for a custom table control. The table control is derived from the Farpoint table control and we have used the extension kit to create functions to retrive data from the control, to find columns and rows etc. We use a TypeKeys call to a "floating" edit dialog that is created in editable cells when the user sets focus -- we do not use an external function to set the data, as this would bypass the simulation of a real user.

The scripts eventually do what they are supposed to do, and enter the correct data in to the table cells but timewise I'm in real trouble. I am going to try and give Silk 5.0 a shot before calling Segue, since support always tells you to upgrade to "see if that works."

Any ideas out there? Thanks.

- Matt Love
Marcam Solutions