Hello. I am having trouble recording test cases with Netscape 4.5 and 4.75. I have enabled Netscape 4 using the extension enabler and have enabled Netscape 4 within the app using the extension dialog box. I have also sucessfully declared my windows. However, when I attempt to record a test case I get the following error message in my results file:

[ ] *** Error: Registry entry 'CurrentUser' not found
[ ] Occurred in SYS_GetRegistryValue
[ ] Called from Netscape.GetPreferenceList at extend\netscape.inc(558)
[ ] Called from Netscape.SetRequiredOptions at extend\netscape.inc(601)
[ ] Called from Browser.SetRequiredOptions at browser.inc(448)
[ ] Called from DefaultBaseState at defaults.inc(232)

Please note that I am using SilkTest 2.14 on Windows 98. Thanks in advance for your help.