Any tips or tricks you would like to share in dealing with an AUT whose MainWin shows "[DialogBox]Sample" as its tag?

For example:
Application name = sample.exe
When run, this application displays two dialog boxes let's call it Sample and Shell)
1 is shown almost like a bitmap only just displaying the product name and version (no Title Bar, no pushbuttons, etc.)
and the other dialog box is shown right above the Task Bar and looks and works just like the Task Bar. Closing this dialog box "Shell" also closes the "Sample" dialog.
SilkTest records its Test Frame as:
window MainWin Sample
tag "[DialogBox]Sample"
(and no other controls recorded as SilkTest does not see the Static Text from Delphi)

Is there anything that should be done to TestCaseEnter or TestCaseExit?

Appreciate your help...