I am testing a plugin to Outlook. As far as I am aware Outlook is written in C++, but the plugin I am testing is written in C#. I am having a problem with Silk recognising the state of the checkboxes in the plugin. It returns FALSE, whether the checkbox is checked or not. I enabled the .NET extensions for Outlook and with a bit of class mapping I can get Silk to recognise the State of all the Checkboxes in Outlook, but not in the plugin.

I wrote a couple of basic apps, one in C++ and one in C#. I had the same problem in the C# app until I enabled the extensions. So basically it seems that if I can enable the extensions for the plugin I should be ok.

There are a number of dlls as part of the plugin and I tried to enable the .NET extensions for each of these dlls, but it still doesn't work.

Does anyone have any ideas of how I can enable the extensions for this plugin?