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    Silktest and DIV tags

    hello, im trying to debug a JSP page but the way we have the headers for the errors outputted is in a table div tag with just an ID how would i get to access this Text compare the String.

    im currently using HTTPUNIT and it takes for ever to code stuff soo were trying silk for a month i hope this works


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    Re: Silktest and DIV tags

    Look at the source code of the webpage. Usually Div tags can be used as identifiers when attempting to find text. E.g., <div id="footer"> denotes a section dealing with a footer of that page

    Additionally they can be used as 'delimiters' when using GetField () to extract relevant text from a string on that page.

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    Re: Silktest and DIV tags

    To access the text inside the div 'id' parameter you'd do something like this:

    // Example of string being parsed...
    LIST OF STRING lsPage[20]="<div id='Test Results'>"
    STRING sValue

    // Parse what's after the id= and before the >.
    sValue = GetField(GetField(lsPage[20], "id=", 2),">",1)

    You could also use Stuff to remove the ' after if you'd like.
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