Any other info on installing oracle 10g odbc driver in vista?

The following instructions from oracle worked well on windows xp but, not in vista.
Installation Instructions

Once the self-extracting archive file ORA10203.EXE has been exploded it will create an directory structure as shown below on your hard drive.

The directory structure after unzipping and where the files to be copied are shown below:

1. a. ORA10203\bin\sqora32.dll ---> <ORACLE_HOME>\bin
b. ORA10203\bin\sqoras32.dll ---> <ORACLE_HOME>\bin
c. ORA10203\bin\sqresus.dll ---> <ORACLE_HOME>\bin

2. a. ORA10203\ODBC\html\ODBCRelnotesUS.htm ---> <ORACLE_HOME>\ODBC\html\
b. ORA10203\ODBC\readme.txt ---> <ORACLE_HOME>\ODBC\html\

3. ORA10203\ODBC\mesg\oraodbus.msb ---> <ORACLE_HOME>\ODBC\mesg\