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    Silk Automation Framework

    Hi All,

    I would like to learn the automation framework using silk. Means I would like to develop a framework either for web or client/server. Please provide me some basic guidance on this.


    Thanks in Advance

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    Re: Silk Automation Framework

    What do you mean by test automation framework? Hope you understand the concept behind this term, automation, different type of framework and why framework should be used. I remember seeing a wonderful article on developerworks explaining test automation framework some time back.. I am sure couple of google searches will take you there..

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    Re: Silk Automation Framework

    The type of framework you create depends on that application you are testing. If you want a data driven framework then you need to setup the code to drive the test with different data inputs. If you want an action or keyword driven framework then again you need to setup the code to execute the actions or keywords you feed to the test. Finally, you may also want to combine the two. That is some basic guidance for you. I think it's up to you to do the creation part. There is tons of information on this site and on the web that will also guide you. I think you also need to answer these questions for yourself. Why do you need a framework? What benefit will you get by creating a framework for your automation code?



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