On a particular HtmlTable, Silk is supposed to click on a link. The first few times of running the script, its all fine. After maybe 7 or 8 times, Silk( can see the link (i confirmed using GetFormattedText before clicking on the link), but it fails to click on it with error "Window '[HtmlLink]xxxx' was not found"; I even used GetRowChildren and passed the value using @ to click on it, but still not working!!

This is happening with both IE and Netscape. I tried to close the browser (like what AJ mentioned in one of his replies) but still the same problem.

Anyone had such problems? Any workarounds?

Also, have any of you had this following problem? GetFormattedText finds a particular link in, say HtmlTable {"#1").HtmlColumn ("#1"), BUT when i use manual "Record Window Identifier" i get HtmlTable {"#2").HtmlColumn ("#1"). These are borderless tables. Is that the reason? or something else?

ps. I am not using DOM.

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