I am using Silk, IE 5.01 with sp1, and the IE 5 DOM object recoginition option. I have the domex.ini ShowBorderlessTables setting set to .76.

On a page with a borderless table which contains a heading followed by one row of data in four columns. Silk correctly "sees" the row/column [1:2] element which contains an HTML link.

But when I try to iterate through this table using the GetRowCount() and GetRowChildren() methods I get 5 returned from GetRowCount, and GetRowChildren() returns 4 [non-existant] HtmlText objects supposedly contained in the first row, on the 2nd iteration I get an internal error from getRowChildren() [which makes sense because there is not a 2nd row].

Has anyone else run into this situation using the latest version of Silk [with the patch] and the IE DOM object recognition option?

-Thanks, Terry Horwath

P.S. Unfortunately at this time I do not have a public website to demo the problem.