Hi All,
I am testing an Java Applet which runs in a Browser. When my applet loads I have a JavaJFCChildWin called NavisphereLogin which appears.

In Silk I have to code "if (NavisphereLogin.Exists(60))" however it does not wait 60 seconds and immediatly goes to the else portion (Failure).

My tag is:
tag "~ActiveApp/Navisphere Login*"

When I change it to this below it works fine.
tag "Navisphere Login*"
parent NavisphereManager.Applet

I have not had any problems when I use ~ActiveApp for IE6 or IE7. Seems when I Test with Firefox and even sometimes have FireFox 2.0 extensions enabled and/or 'extend\firefox.inc' in the UseFiles of the option set I get issues with the Exists call not checking the time specific

If anyone can reproduce this please let me know of has already seen the issue.

Workaround currently is to change the tag since the ~ActiveApp functionality for us in not required anymore but could be in the future.

Thanks for all your time and help