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    SilkPerformer in the SilkTest

    Hi Folks,

    I am using SilkTest 7.5 not Silkperformer.in that,In the Menu ->Record->SilkPerformer script.Using this i have recorded the silkperformer script and saved it in my project folder with the extension .bdf. then again i opened it in my silk test editor.i tried to execute this but the Run option in the Silk Test is Disabled.How do i run this?. or How do i set the Virtual Users for the below scripts?I worked in Open STA.I know very much about the setting VUsers etc in Open STA.Here i do not know exactly.Please Help Me.
    Below is my recorded SilkPerformer Script.

    // Recorded 09/28/2007 by SilkPerformer Recorder v6.0.1.1814

    benchmark SilkPerformerRecorder

    use "Kernel.bdh"

    TInit : begin;
    TMain : 1;



    transaction TInit
    end TInit;

    transaction TMain
    end TMain;

    Thanks in Advance

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    Re: SilkPerformer in the SilkTest

    >I am using SilkTest 7.5 not Silkperformer

    So WTF are you recording SilkPerformer scripts, and then trying to run them???

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    Re: SilkPerformer in the SilkTest

    To expound on peat's reply:

    SilkTest can record a performer script, but it requires performer to play back. period.

    Get Performer or don't worry about using that feature.

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    Re: SilkPerformer in the SilkTest

    Hi Jamesso,

    Silk Performer is another one silk Test product?.is it?.Please let me know.

    thanks in advance

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    Re: SilkPerformer in the SilkTest


    Google it. We can not spoon feed you your job.

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    Re: SilkPerformer in the SilkTest


    You're the 1st hacker we know who ask even the very basic information on SilkTest. Are you a real hacker as in "software/hardware hacker" or are you trying to be the best in hacking info from anybody so you don't have to read the SilkTest documentation or Online Help?
    ...just wondering...



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