Hello All,

hope any of you could help, I recorded a script with SilkTest and I put it in Central 3.0 but some times is throwing this particular error

Monitor was halted or reconfigured. It will be reinitialized at next execution. (StInitSession(GUI-Level Testing Replay: 12 - Virtual user connection client reported, Request failed; Original Error: PerfOrb: 29 - The orb is down.))

I found in some documentation this explanation:
Issue: The ORB is down. The connection was closed for an unknown reason.
Solution: Run Remote Setup again.

Link: http://customers.segue.com/downloads/pro...nstallGuide.pdf
Page 42.

But I'm not convinced with that explanation. [img]/images/graemlins/confused.gif[/img]

Does any of you have something else?

Thank you a lot!!