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    Parameterization Concepts in SilkTest

    hi Folks,

    In SilkTest,is there any parameterization concepts?. like in qtp we have action parameterization etc.What is actually parameterization?.If any one konw this parameterization and what are the uses?.In SilkTest ,do we have parameterization?.Please help me friends.I searched in the SilkTest Help.Please !!!!!!

    thanks in Advance

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    Re: Parameterization Concepts in SilkTest

    >In SilkTest,is there any parameterization concepts?.

    >What is actually parameterization?.
    Parameterization is the term generally applied to testplans, testcases and functions that take parameters as input and/or output.

    >what are the uses?.
    This allows you to build generic plans, testcases and functions, bypassing the uber-basic and highly specific record and playback features. You can rapidly build your own automation framework tailored to the AUT, by reusing and extending the codebase as your app matures. For example, for data-driven testing, you would write a set of database access routines once, and then call those from within your framework.

    >In SilkTest ,do we have parameterization?
    See above - yes.

    >I searched in the SilkTest Help.
    Well, it's in there - Search on 'parameters'.


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    Re: Parameterization Concepts in SilkTest

    hi Peat,

    I have one doubt about the Parameterization concepts.In Silk Test we can create the Appstate and call them in our testcases.so is this called Parameterization?.can you please explain me.


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    Re: Parameterization Concepts in SilkTest

    Hi Peat,

    In Qtp we have Actions parameterizations,Datadriven(data table)parameterizations etc.I have one doubt in silktest.what are all the parameterizations does silktest support?.Can you Please explain me.

    thanks in advance

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    Re: Parameterization Concepts in SilkTest

    With the number of posts you seem to be making it seems clear that you are learning Silktest. I applaud you for picking the better tool. It is a hard tool to learn, but it is the most versatile one on the market.

    See point 2 of this thread http://www.sqaforums.com/showflat.ph...ge=0#Post29483

    We love to help but we will not be feeding you answers that you can look up and read for yourself.

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    Re: Parameterization Concepts in SilkTest

    I suggest reading the help file or the tutorial on using the testplan feature. It covers how to create and use parameters in your tests. Also take a look at the article "data driven testcases: overview". It goes into some deeper details of how you can set things up.

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    Re: Parameterization Concepts in SilkTest

    Hi blacst and jamesso,

    Yes we are testing our internal web application using silk.so we are getting more doubts while working on it.so please help me.by the mean time we refer the silktest help doc also.Please help me friends.

    thanks a lot.



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