We're doing some odd things with browsers and having a heck of a time trying to get Silk to recognize them so we can test them.

My current problem is an HTML document containing an Active-X control being viewed by an IE Control that is embedded in an MFC application. Silk recognizes the embedded Internet Explorer is present, but doesn't seem to know it's a browser. No matter what's displayed in the browser, all it ever declares are standard Windows items (list boxes, etc.) It never declares the HTML text, text fields, buttons, etc.
Here's the declaration from the embedded browser:
[-] window MainWin DUCE
__[-] multitag "*Duce"
____[ ] "Untitled*"
__[-] DialogBox DUCEDialog
____[ ] tag "$59648"
____[-] CustomWin OutputBrowser
______[+] msw multitag "[Shell Embedding]Test Script"
________[ ] "[Shell Embedding]$0[1]"
______[-] CustomWin IEWrapper
________[-] msw multitag "[Shell DocObject View]#1"
__________[ ] "[Shell DocObject View]$0"
________[-] CustomWin InternetExplorer
__________[-] msw multitag "[Internet Explorer_Server]#1"
____________[ ] "[Internet Explorer_Server]$0"

When these same Active X controls are displayed in a normal browser window, all the HTML items are declared just fine. The frame with the Active X control is declared as a BrowserChild.

Any ideas of how to declare the embedded browser as a browser so Silk can see what's going on inside it??