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    Test suite


    what is the diff b/w script frae,4test script,testplan,testcase,test suite while creation of them

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    Re: Test suite

    I think the online help includes a description of each of them.

    .pln - Plan file - A collection of calls to tests in a .t file or several .t files.

    .t - 4Test Script - Called by .pln or can run standalone. You can put all your code in here but it won't be very organized and won't allow for re-use. Basically it runs the test.

    .inc - Include file used to store your functions. The frame file is also a .inc file which can hold Window declarations. However, you don't have to use a frame file.

    I'm not sure what Silk Test refers to on testcase or test suite. I know what they mean in QA terms.



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