I post it again because I think my previous subject is too generic and I could not find a way to change the subject. [img]/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]

I am testing a Eclipse application. When I did "window declaration" I can see a DropDownButton but when I replay it, the DropDownButton could not be found.
Here is related windows declaration:
[-] JavaSwtToolBar ToolBar2
[ ] tag "$ToolBar[2]"
[-] JavaSwtPushButton ClearConsole
[-] multitag "Clear Console"
[ ] "$ToolItem"
[-] JavaSwtCheckBox ScrollLock
[-] multitag "Scroll Lock"
[ ] "$ToolItem[1]"
[-] JavaSwtCheckBox PinConsole
[-] multitag "Pin Console"
[ ] "$ToolItem[2]"
[-] JavaSwtDropDownButton DisplaySelectedConsole
[-] multitag "Display Selected Console"
[ ] "$ToolItem[1]"
[-] JavaSwtDropDownButton OpenConsole
[-] multitag "Open Console"
[ ] "$ToolItem[2]"

Here is the error message:
[ ] myMainWin.ToolBar2.DisplaySelectedConsole.DropDown () tag="/[JavaMainWin]myMainWin/[JavaSwtToolBar]/[JavaSwtDropDownButton]Display Selected Console"
[ ] *** Error: Window '[JavaSwtDropDownButton]Display Selected Console' was not found

Could anybody help me out here?