I'm using SilkTest5.0 on a single application with a master plan that calls 20 subplans. I want subplans 1-5 to run on client1, 6-10 run on client 2, 11-15 run on client3, 16-20 on client4, concurrently, in order to cut test run time. I've set up a options set statement in the plan that corresponds to each client, and in each options set, I defined the Agent name and network (TCP/IP) for each client. I also set the results file path to be a different name for each client. I then start multiple instances of SilkTest on the host, load up the various options set in each Silktest, do a query for all plans for client1 and run that, then in the second instance of Silktest, mark all plans for client2, and run those, etc.
Is there any better way that someone has found to drive multiple clients concurrently from one testplan and run different subplans on each client? We have a thousand testcases, in about 50 scripts. Any input appreciated.