The application I'm automating has a dialog with a custom control built in. The Control is pretty much painted (looks like a tree view to the user) so there's no way to tell what's being clicked on from the Silk side.

Our UI developer was kind enough to allow the control to accept WM_COPYDATA msg's so I can send in the info as to which item to select. It's a fire & forget setup (send the msg and hope it hits the target). The problem is that to use it I have to send in a COPYDATASTRUCT with the WM_COPYDATA msg and the COPYDATASTRUCT has to go in as the lParam. SendMessage is expecting an LPARAM type and I can't figure out how to get Silk to put the COPYDATASTRUCT into the lParam. I've tried casting it as an LPARAM to no avail.

Has anyone had to deal with this or am I going to have to employ a middle-man to get the data through properly.