I'm having issues with SilkTest mis-identification of views within the SWT and Eclipse framework. And I have not been able to find anything on the forums addressing this.

Our company is developing a product from ground up in Eclipse and JAVA. It is a learning experience since we are all accustomed to C and C++. From testing perspective we are having some issues with how Silktest is identifying window components.

After enabling extensions and getting SWT set up, we have the "nice" application definitions of NGEnterprise.DetailsCellArray instead of the previous NGEnterprise.SWT_Window01.SWT_Window01.SWT_Window0 5.SWT_Window03.CellArray as we previously encountered.

However...where we are running into problems is mis-identification between SWT perspectives. I have tree views on 3 different perspectives, each with a different name and function. However, no matter which perspective I am on Silktest is identifying it as the first tree view defined in the include file since they are all the same name/identifier. I don't see anything unique within tags to identify which perspective this particular tree view is on.

Does anyone have any experience working through this? I was wondering if there was something the developers could do to identify or name views so we can utilize those. Or if we can do "if" statements in the include file to other include files, referenced by the perspective selected...
if NGEnterprise.Perspectives.Admin==True

Thank you for any help in advance.